How to Make an Offer on Indiana Farmland

What to Do Before Closing on Indiana Farmland

Land investment is serious business. When you are fully prepared to buy land, you can make the process smoother and faster (with a higher chance of successful purchase) by being well informed before making an offer to purchase. Here are the steps you can take today to prepare yourself for the buying of farms and land in Indiana.

Clean Offers are More Successful
The cleaner your offer, the greater your chances of purchasing farmland become. What is a clean offer? A clean offer has the fewest possible (preferably zero) contingencies or conditions of sale. With so many buyers in a strong cash position, offers contingent upon financing may not make the cut with the seller. Today we operate in a seller’s market with limited inventory. There are plenty of ready, willing and able buyers waiting to purchase with cash as soon as we list farmland for sale in Indiana.

Get Your Financing Ducks in a Row
If you require a loan to finance the purchase of a land investment, take the time to get pre-approved. An offer to purchase with a letter of pre-approval from the USDA FSA office on a new farmer loan, Farm Credit or your preferred lender or bank goes a long way to demonstrate how serious you are about purchasing farmland or recreational property. In addition to putting yourself in a stronger position with the seller, a pre-approved loan will make the purchase process faster. Financing typically requires an appraisal and other paperwork that can slow down the land buying process. Again, with so many buyers in a position to pay with cash at closing, if you can swing it, buy your land outright with zero contingencies.

Title Searches & Clouds on Title
As a buyer of farmland, you have the right and ability to perform your own title search prior to closing. Utilizing a reputable title company such as Stallard & Shuh, you can determine if any clouds exist on the title and ensure your full ownership of the land upon purchase and closing. If any “clouds on title” are discovered during the title search, these can be addressed earlier in the process to ensure a faster closing.

Closing Costs
Many Indiana farmland sales are sold, as is, with no warranties. As such, buyers are generally responsible for the majority of closing costs. Buyers cover the costs of recording, deeds and appraisals and typically processing fees. It is advised that you pay close attention to the fees that your lender may charge in additional to the the closing costs mentioned above. As a buyer, you may be able to negotiate reduced fees or eliminate some fees altogether simply by bringing it up and asking why they exist. A great relationship with your lender should mean no surprises at closing.

Ask for Help from a Professional Land Broker | Buyer’s Representation
Whether you are a seasoned land investor, first-time land buyer, or a New Farmer utilizing the FSA USDA farm loan program, it’s always best to consult with a licensed professional land broker in Indiana. As a farmland real estate expert, we have in-depth experience with closings, can help you identify the best land for sale, and help you avoid mistakes that can save you both time and money. As farmland owners ourselves, the team at Geswein Farm & Land Realty understand today’s real estate market – we’ve been helping people like you since 1977 and invite you to start a conversation today.

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Remember… on the day of closing:

Ask Questions, Clear the air, know and understand how the process will go down

Take the Day Off so you have plenty of time

Bring Your Checkbook!


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