Deer Season is Coming to Indiana

By Shelley Swearingen #yourlandwoman | November 6, 2020

Indiana deer firearm hunting season is upon us. In 2020, the firearm hunting window is from November 14th to November 29th. And we’ve highlighted some key rules for hunters to stay safe and abide the law.

Acquire your license

Each deer license costs $24 for Indiana residents and $150 for non-residents. This license is valid for the harvest of one antlered deer. You can apply for your license using the Indiana Fish & Wildlife Online License System.

Only Hunt During Approved Hours

Deer hunting is allowed one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

Wear Hunter Orange

For safety reasons, hunters (or anyone accompanying hunters) must wear at least one exterior piece of fluorescent orange clothing. Acceptable items include: vest, coat, jacket, coveralls, or hat. These may not be orange camouflage.

Report Sick or Deceased Wildlife & Orphaned or Injured Animals. 

If wildlife is found deceased of unknown causes, you can report your findings to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. To report roadkill on state and federal highways, contact the Indiana Department of Transportation. If you find injured or orphaned wildlife, you can reach out to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for assistance. It’s important to make absolutely sure the animal has been abandoned before intervening. Animals rarely abandon their young. For more information on how to proceed, visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website.

Do Not Disturb Nests or Dens

It’s illegal to disturb the house, nest, or den of a wild animal.

Never Trespass! 

This should go without saying. Always get permission before entering another landowner’s property. You could face fines, jail, and and/or legal ramifications. It’s also illegal to enter private property to retrieve downed game without permission. You can find permission forms to be signed and retained by you and the landowner HERE.

If you don’t have access to any private areas to hunt, you can find a location through Indiana’s Division of Fish & Wildlife HERE. It’s important to know that hunting regulations vary on properties and it’s safest to check with the property manager prior to hunting.

Illegal Assistance Items

The use of drones or spotlights for hunting is strictly prohibited. Infrared sensors or electronic deer calls are not allowed. Red Dot Sights are also illegal for all hunting activities.

No Bait Allowed

Hunters may not use bait, salt, snares, or a domesticated animal (dogs) to hunt deer. Leashed dogs may be used to track and locate the deer after the kill, but cannot be used to hunt and take the deer down.

Use Caution if Hunting from a Tree Stand

Of the hunting accidents filed by DNR law enforcement over the past five years, 60% involved tree stand accidents. It’s very important to use caution when hunting from a tree stand. Always use a harness and make sure the harness is properly connected to a safety line. Before the hunt, become familiar with the equipment and be sure to select the right tree for your stand. In case of accident, it’s important that someone know the general area where you will be to ease the burden of locating you in the event of an accident.

Always Retrieve Your Kill

You must make a reasonable attempt to retrieve what you kill or injure. The only exception is if the animal wanders onto private property that you do not have permission to enter. This is why scouting and preparation are so very important. You should be familiar with the land you are hunting on or be accompanied by someone who is. If the animal does wander onto private property, do your best to reach out to the property owner to acquire permission to receive the animal.  

Tag & Register Your Deer

Immediately after killing a deer, the hunter is required to fill out a temporary tag. This tag must contain the hunter’s name, address, and license number. The temporary tag must also contain the name of the hunter that took possession of the deer, the date of the kill, and the sex of the deer. The deer carcass must stay within sight of the hunter unless the temporary tax is attached to the carcass.

Harvested deer must be registered within 48 hours. This can be done by: entering the information online at, calling 1-800-419-1326, or a licensed retailer or check station can enter the information for you.

Follow the Law

Violating the law can result in fines and criminal charges. Law enforcement can also seize vehicles and equipment in the event you are found to be engaging in illegal activities. If you’re unsure of the law, it’s always best to doublecheck beforehand.

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To view this year’s Indiana Hunting & Trapping Guide, Follow the link below:

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