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Indiana Land Values | How your farms and land are valued in today's real estate market.

There are a wide variety of factors that influence land values in Indiana. No matter what county your farmland or investment land is located in, it's important to remember that every farm is unique. Location always play an important role as do the soils types and drainage. With land values weighted heavily by productivity, higher quality soils typically command top dollar and the highest price per acre. Recent land sales transactions help build a weighted average of land value and prices in the farm real estate market, but local factors and outside factors also play a role in the total value of farm land. 

    • Location. Location. Location.  | Neighboring farm operations play an important role in land values. 
    • Soil Type / Weighted Average / WAPI      The productivity value of soils influences the yields and value per acre.
    • Rainfall is another factor influencing value. Locations with adequate moisture are ideal for investment and appreciation.
    • Drainage, in terms of soil drainage (clay vs. loam vs. sand) and pattern tile or Drainage Water Management systems will influence value and price per acre. Land with quality drained soils and systems for improving yield and productivity over time will have different values associated with them.
    • Commodity Markets and Expectations of futures markets are factors that many farmland owners should be more in tune with.