When is a good time to sell farmland?

Farmland owners and family farm trustees or heirs ask us this question all the time, “When should I sell the farm?” The answer depends on your circumstances, your needs and your goals. Just as every farm is different, whether an investment or family farm so is the method of sale and the reasons for sale. All said, here is why it’s a good time to list and sell a farm with us today:

Record High Prices & Land Sales
We remain in a period of record high land sales and prices. Farmland value has appreciated significantly over the last 10 years and prices today are considerably higher than they were then. What would you do with these profits?

Access to Capital
Whether you need to put dollars into other investments or would like capital to expand other areas of your farm operation such as tile systems and drainage, equipment and implements or grain storage – we remain in a period of record high land prices compared to 10 years ago.

Estate Planning
Transitional time periods in our lives lead many people down the road of estate planning. Whether it’s a will, trust or estate, everyone should be concerned with proper planning. If you are in estate planning mode, selling the farm land is part of the equation. Creating a plan today is one of the finest compliments you can give to your family.

Retirement Expenses
From taxes and health-care to other important ‘golden years’-issues, the sale of farmland in today’s market can provide the financial freedom to remove stress and worry from these expenses. What else could you enjoy during retirement with this capital?

Plenty of Buyers / Strong Demand
Today’s market includes a wide range of buyers in a great cash position. From the neighboring farm operations to our network of land investors, we are selling farms as soon as we have them listed for sale – netting you the highest returns possible in today’s farm real estate market. Backup offers are quite common in this market as ready, willing and able buyers compete for a chance to buy farmland.

What else could you be doing with your money? The answer to this question helps determine the route forward. Whether you plan to travel, retire or invest in other areas of interest – we believe that your needs, goals and objectives always come first. Whether your concerns are financial, legal or otherwise, selling the farm in today’s real estate market is a choice that starts with a conversation.

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About the Author

Johnny Klemme Farm Land Broker, Helping investors with buyer's representation  When is a good time to sell farmland? Johnny Klemme Land Broker Farm Real Estate Indiana

Johnny Klemme is a published author, graduate of Purdue University & Professional Land Broker specializing in farm ground in West Central Indiana. Skilled at farmland marketing to local, regional and national buyers, Johnny helps families, heirs and trustees sell farms in Indiana.

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