Benton County FFA Auction & 2020 Agriculture Students

By: Shelley Swearingen – April 17, 2020

This year, due to COVID-19, the annual Benton County FFA Alumni Auction was forced into cancellation. The event was scheduled for March 28th, and unfortunately cannot be rescheduled due to various constraints. This comes much to the dismay of community members, students, educators, and parents.

Years past have seen attendance exceed 2,000 people: people come to enjoy a sense of community and help support the local Benton County chapter of Future Farmers of America. The money raised from the auction funds scholarships for post-secondary training and is awarded to seniors at Benton Central. The auction is the largest fundraising event the chapter puts on every year. The organization also raises money from citrus fruit sales and running concession stands at Benton Central sporting events.

I was lucky enough to connect with a few folks to hear their thoughts on the cancellation of the event and general opinions on being involved with the local BC chapter of FFA.


Dale Butcher, Retired Benton Central Agricultural Instructor


Why was this auction important to the FFA program at Benton Central?


“The answer is twofold.  First, it is probably the single largest fund-raising activity of the year and supports many of the activities of the chapter.  Secondly, and maybe most importantly, it brings together members, parents, alumni, and others who support the activities of the chapter for a common goal.”



Anne Harman, Parent Volunteer 


What is your favorite part about being a member of the Benton Central chapter of the FFA?



“…My favorite part from an adult perspective has been to watch the students grow and mature and find their passion for agriculture right before our eyes. To see the spark light in their eyes when they talk about their SAE, or LDE. And of course, the auction. “





Connor Flook, Benton Central Senior & FFA Member

How has being a member of the FFA benefitted your life?


“FFA has helped me to learn a lot of valuable lessons about leadership. It has taught me that if you are motivated and enthusiastic about what you are doing, others will follow.”

What would you say to another student considering joining the FFA?

“I would say stop considering and just go for it! Whether you have a background in agriculture or not, you can always learn valuable lessons that you can´t learn anywhere else. It will also help you make unforgettable memories and some of the best friends you could ever ask for. It´s a great thing to get into and you won´t regret it.”


One thing is for sure: next year’s auction will be met with immense anticipation. In the meantime, if you would like to make a donation to the Benton Central FFA you can send contributions to:


Benton Central FFA

Benton Central High School

4241 E 300 S

Oxford, IN 47971


For more information on how to get involved or volunteer for the BC FFA, please visit:



I would like to thank Dale Butcher, Anne Harman, and Connor Flook for their participation. I would also like to extend a special ‘thank you’ to BC FFA Advisor, Amanda Mullins. Ms. Mullins guides students through education, FFA programs, and 4H activities – and made these interviews possible (via remote communication).


At Geswein Farm & Land, we are committed to community involvement and support. We’re all in this together, more so now than ever before.


Helpful Links:


Benton Central FFA


Benton Central FFA Auction


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