A Year in Review

“The Older You Get, The Faster Time Passes.” – author unknown

Growing up, I remember listening to my parents, grandparents, and just about anyone older than me saying some version of that quote. I never really put much stock in it until many years later, today, where the moments seem to be fleeting. Today, marks one (1) full year since I started this farm and land real estate blog and website and I can say with conviction that the last year seems to have passed by very quickly.

Marked by several major milestones, both personally and professionally, it amazes me how much can be accomplished in a year when you set your mind to it. On the other hand, there are many goals I never reached and several I never got started on.

A Year in Review Wind farms rural dichotomy of indiana

35mm Photograph of my hometown in Benton County, Indiana. Double exposure of an antique tractor and the wind farms.

My monthly Ag column, The Back Forty, is now syndicated in three (3) newspapers in West Central Indiana (and expanding to more!). This opportunity has helped me hone my skills as a writer, improve my listening skills while I interview Ag experts from around the country, and ultimately given me a creative outlet to produce something out of nothing – it’s been quite satisfying (even with the occasional bout of writer’s block). I am very thankful to Clayton Doty, who gave me an opportunity to start writing for the Benton Review, and catapulted my confidence in this endeavor.

So far in 2015, I have sold 280 acres of top quality Indiana farmland and wooded property. My goals was to help my clients by or sell 200 acres this year and in 2016 I will help my clients buy or sell over 500 acres. I feel very fortunate in the fact that I get to pursue my deep rooted passion for agriculture, and must give the biggest thanks to my mentor and friend, Ed Geswein. Ed took a chance on me when he didn’t need to. He’s had a very successful career in both commercial real estate and farm real estate for more than 30 years. He was about to “retire” when I starting asking him about the business…we often joke that he might never retire, but it’s quite clear that he loves what he does. For me, it’s amazing to see someone who has been fortunate to pursue what they love for so many years. It’s a spark and inspiration for me to keep going down this path too – I truly enjoy it and look forward to reminiscing years down the road…no matter how curvy, smooth, or bumpy it may get.

Last, but not least, a BIG Thank You to my clients for putting their trust in my ability to help them reach their own goals, be they financial, retirement, investment or recreational – I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and for you. I am grateful for the friendships and relationships that we have created and look forward to staying in touch for many years to come.

Happy 4th of July!  One of my favorite holidays!



farmall-tractor  A Year in Review farmall tractor



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