Regenerative Agriculture Is Going Mainstream | Farmers & Landowners Benefit on the Bottom Line

By Shelley Swearingen – May 15, 2020


Vogue Fashion Magazine released an article this week on farming. Yes, you read that right. Vogue Fashion Magazine is covering agriculture. But, why?


The recent commercial landscape has seen a shift towards consumer and producer responsibility. The general population is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of climate change. It’s becoming harder to deny the fact that we have a negative effect on our environment. We realize that if we want to keep living on this planet, we need to take better care of her.


This awareness of how our everyday choices effect the general well-being of the planet has influenced how people shop. Consumers want to know where their clothes came from, how the materials were cultivated, and how (or who) manufactured them. And while we may not feel that we are ‘heard’ by our politicians or large corporations, our money sure does talk – loud and clear.


In connection with being heard, people want to feel better about their choices. The organic food market is growing and currently accounts for 4% of food sales in the United States1. Nearly half of Americans (49%) are willing to pay 20% more for these organic products2. It was only a matter of time until this spilled over into fashion industry.


A recent article in Vogue magazine highlighted a designer that is leading the charge in regenerative agriculture. Clothing designer label ‘Christy Dawn’, led by CEO Aras Baskauskas & his wife Christy Peterson, implemented (with assistance from Oshadi Studios and local farmers) a regenerative farm in India. The farm was a former conventional sesame and sugarcane plot. After several years of introducing and maintaining regenerative agricultural guidelines, the land is used to produce cotton and natural dye plants organically & sustainably.

“This isn’t big enough to change the whole world, but it’s big enough to change our own world,” Baskauskas says. “And it’s big enough that if we do it really well and get the right people writing about it, much bigger brands will jump on board, and consumers will demand it.” 3


Regenerative farming is all about giving back. As stewards of the land, the farmers we know all care about their land, soil and water. And while many are scared of the financial challenges associated with making the switch, it’s not as formidable as you may think.


There are grants and assistance programs offered to farmers that implement these strategies and improve soil health. The Natural Resources Conservation Service, a department of the USDA, was established to help American farmers do just that. You can find your local USDA service office by visiting this blog on conservation grants or by using the USDA office locater tool found here.



At Geswein Farm and Land, we’re here to support our local agricultural heroes, landowners seeking land management best practices, and buyer and sellers of farmland. We keep ourselves educated on new developments in regenerative agriculture, conservation, cover crops and consumer demands so that we can assist our local farmers, ranchers, foresters, and landowners to make informed decisions.


Landowners & Farmer partnerships are working to make agriculture sustainable today and for the next generation of farmers working on the family farm.

Key Ingredients to Successful Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships



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