New Proposed Legislation Will Address Climate Change through Agriculture

By Shelley Swearingen #yourlandwoman | July 30, 2020

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”-Sir Isaac Newton

Farmers are the backbone to American industry. Not only do agricultural operations supply the food that we eat, provide materials for the clothes that we wear, cultivate plants to be used for medicine, etc., but they also have a huge impact on the planet. The operational choices made by farmers, ranchers, and foresters can help reduce the effects of climate change. Many farmers are implementing techniques endorsed by the USDA like no till/minimum till, methane capturing, reforestation, and the use of cover crops. Now, the US Government is set to offer credits to farmers with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Our nation’s farmlands, forests, and ranches hold untapped potential for removing harmful emissions from the air naturally,” said Sarah Greenberger, senior vice president at the National Audubon Society.1

A new act proposed by congressional leaders, The Growing Climate Solutions Act, would instruct the USDA to create a certification program to access credit markets from greenhouse gas offset programs and offer technical assistance to agricultural operations. Traditionally, these ‘carbon markets’ have been too difficult for farmers, producers, and foresters to gain access to.

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This act was created to aid farmers affected by global trade issues and impacts due to the coronavirus. Historically, congressional republicans have rejected democrat proposed economic climate legislation. The times are changing; lawmakers across the aisle see the need to aid the agricultural industry while simultaneously addressing ecological issues.

At Geswein Farm & Land, we feel strongly that it’s our duty to inform our local farmers, producers, foresters, ranchers, and landowners about programs and opportunities available that could be beneficial. For your convenience, we’ve included a link to the Indiana branch of the USDA at the bottom of this page. If you need help finding a farm tenant to work your land or are curious to see what your land is worth, reach out to #yourlandman, Johnny Klemme, at (765) 427-1619 or email at 

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