Farmers & Landowners Can Improve Soil Health and Land Value by Implementing Scientifically Proven Conservation Methods

By Shelley Swearingen #yourlandwoman  |  June 24, 2020

For those paying attention, you may have noticed more local farmers are employing cover crops and no-till practices this season. And for good reason: it works.

The USDA issued a press release highlighting the findings of a recent study that proves the efficacy of soil conservation practices. These results were found through the study of various continental watersheds and assessing soil content and erosion within these watersheds. The study shows using USDA Conservation methods improved soil quality & water retention.

“The scientific findings…show that conservation programs work,” said NRCS Chief Matthew Lohr. “The programs improve water and soil quality, and these scientific studies have also taught us how to improve our programs in the future.” 1

Basic soil conservation techniques include cover crops, crop rotations, and little to no tilling. These techniques replicate how crops grow in nature without human intervention. And sure, humans have created and improved many processes throughout history. But in this case, it appears mother nature had it right.

Johnny klemme


 “Preserve the soil and preserve your wealth for generations.”

To read the full study click HERE.

To learn more about regenerative agriculture and how to get started click HERE.

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