Bill Co-Sponsored by Indiana Senator Offers Incentives to Climate Conscious Farmers, Ranchers, and Landowners

By Shelley Swearingen | June 8, 2020

On June 4th, the Growing Climate Solutions Act was introduced to help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The act was co-sponsored by multiple Senators, including Indiana’s own Mike Braun. This act would reward those that take advantage of innovative techniques to reduce the effects of climate change by issuing credits and financial rewards.

Richard Eaves of Oak Bluff Farms LLC, a field in Frederick County, Md., May 12, 2020, in preparation for planting spring corn. USDA/FPAC photo by Preston Keres

“As a Main Street Entrepreneur and conservationist, I know firsthand that if we want to address our changing climate then we need to facilitate real solutions that our farmers, environmentalists and industry can all support, which this bill accomplishes,” said U.S. Senator Mike Braun.1


These programs are not new; incentivized programs addressing climate change have been around for nearly 20 years. What is noteworthy is the number of programs in place towards conservation and the amount of resources the USDA has attached to instituting these programs. These programs, through various avenues, reward those that participate in regenerative agricultural practices. USDA representatives are available to help agricultural businesses and local agencies are able to help farmers in their communities.


The COVID pandemic has shone a spotlight on the nation’s agricultural sector; the country notices how vital this industry is to our everyday health, well-being, climate, and economy. Here at Geswein Farm & Land, we’ve always known how important our nation’s agricultural workers really are. We seek to stay informed on current incentives and programs available to area farmers, ranchers, foresters, and landowners.


Economic Benefits to Sustainable Agriculture & Soil Health

Good for Business. Good for the Environment.

With any new agricultural practices there is a tradeoff, from time to money, to risk and reward, there are pros and cons to taking steps toward sustainable agronomic practices. If you’re curious about land values and how to improve sustainable agriculture practices on your Indiana farmland, or how to find a farm tenant for land you have inherited, call #yourlandman, Johnny Klemme at 765-427-1619 or email at


  2. Volcovici, Valerie. June 4, 2020. In rare bipartisan bill, U.S. senators tackle climate change via agriculture. Retrieved from:

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